Illumina Profiling Strategies

Illumina microarrays are available for the following genomic applications:

All applications use either the GoldenGate or Infinium assay.  The GoldenGate assay uses a discriminatory DNA polymerase and ligase, followed by PCR and hybridisation to arrays in order to interrogate up to 1536 loci simultaneously.  The Infinium assay employs a PCR-free genome amplification and fragmentation, followed by hybridisation to arrays and extension reaction to examine up to 1.1 million loci.  Further details concerning how the assays are utilised in each application can be found by following the application links above.

A variety of arrays is available for analysis of human samples for all of the applications listed above.  In addition, catalogue and custom genotyping arrays are available for many species, including cow, pig, dog, sheep and horse.  If you wish to perform an analysis not listed here please contact us for further information.

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