Data analysis Gene Expression

To enable analysis of gene expression data the Medical Biomics Centre offers training in a suite of software accessible from our hot desk computer room.  These software facilitate:

  • Identification of differentially expressed genes,
  • Class discovery (categorizing samples into previously undescribed groups based on their gene expression profiles),
  • Class prediction (classifying samples into previously defined groups based on their gene expression profiles) and
  • Identification of key biological pathways and processes affected in the study/experiment.


Software available in the Centre include BeadStudio (Illumina), GeneSpring (Agilent Technologies) and Ariadne Pathway Studio (Ariadne Genomics).  Functionality found within the software include:

  • Quality control of microarray data,
  • Normalisation using any of the popular methods, including MAS5, RMA, PLIER and LOWESS,
  • Guided workflows for the identification of differentially expressed genes,
  • Statistical tools and multiple test correction for assessing differential expression,
  • Class discovery through Principal Component Analysis (PCA), hierarchical clustering and self-organising maps,
  • Class prediction using artificial neural networks, support vector machine and decision trees and
  • Biological interpretation of data through gene set enrichment analysis and pathway analysis.

Raffy using GeneSpring

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